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This program is geared towards those looking to conceive. In this program we focus on preparing the womb naturally with eating plans, workouts and specialized guidance from Lyndsey Hogue your coach! Lyndsey is a certified personal trainer, masters prepared registered nurse and Doctorate of Nursing Practice Family Nurse Practitioner who will be specializing in family practice and women's health. She is the owner of MELT Fitness Studio in Greenville, NC and has helped many of her clients get pregnant naturally. If you are doing other forms of conception such as IVF, this program is STILL for you! ** Note this is NOT only for women** It is for men who struggle with fertility as well. 

Fertility Training

  • This program is completely virtual and will consists of detailed course videos as well as individulaized workouts catered to each specific person. Becuase everything is specialized, we only offer this course to 10 clients at a time. The class is first come first serve and lasts 6 weeks.

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