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Have you ever wondered if your metabolism is slower than normal? Or maybe you’re wondering exactly what your body needs to stay the same weight or even lose weight.

We can find out exactly what your metabolism is doing and exactly what your body needs.

With a simple 10 minute breath test, our machine will take the oxygen you breathe in and the CO2 you breathe out to tell us how efficiently your body is working.

This is the most accurate way to determine someone’s calorie needs and to know how well their metabolism is working. This is the only FDA approved machine for the outpatient office setting.


This is exclusively offered to those attending the Nutrition Workshop hosted by MELT Fitness Studio and Bee Well Nutrition. Please add your Attendance ticket and Metabolic Testing ticket to your cart and Brittany will be in touch to schedule your Metabolic Testing as it will take place before class.

Metabolic Testing

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